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In the age where emission controls have become tighter and engines have downsized with force induction, Maxhaust Asia aims to satisfy automobile audiophiles who are keen on achieving the brutal exhaust notes of large capacity naturally aspirated engines of the past.

What is Maxhaust Electronic Exhaust Tuning System (MEETS)?

Initially contrived by German automotive parts supplier, Eberspacher, as an extremely effective active exhaust noise cancellation device, it was soon realised that the same technology can be utilised to achieve the opposite effect of enhancing the exhaust’s sound. Maxhaust, a German brand, took that technology and developed an aftermarket active exhaust sound system, which delivers pre-recorded exhaust sound through internally and externally mounted loudspeakers.

Our range of exhaust notes

Maxhaust offers a wide range of V engine based exhaust notes. The maxhaust sound module does not only gives you several notes to choose from but also offer you the option to customise of said notes to your preferences

maxhaust sound module

Maxhaust sound module is our own proud development with several sounds to choose from and numerous additional features.

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