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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Maxhaust Sound System works?
    Maxhaust works with our high quality industrial grade actuator that can produce authentic exhaust notes which is powered by our sound modules that are tapping on your CAN bus system so to achieve 1:1Rpm.
  • Can my car be installed with Maxhaust?
    As long as your car manufacturing year is 2005 and above, it should come with a CAN bus system. Which is the main pre-requsitie for installation with Maxhaust. Please contact us to know more.
  • Where and how are the actuators installed?
    It is usually installed in the spare tyre well compartment. Undercarriage carriage installation is possible if space permits.
  • Can I install the system myself?
    It is possible for someone who are handy with cars and with the right tools. When it is done undercarriage, welding is necessary. Please seek professional advice. Should you have any problem, please feel free to contact us at +65 6909 3234
  • Do I hear the sound in the car?
    Yes, like any other aftermarket exhaust or high performance engine.
  • Do I have to use 2 actuators if I have a double pipe exhaust system (Duplex)?
    No, as maxhaust has nothing to do with the exhaust system. The sound is distributed under the vehicle. It is unlikely to hear any difference in sound level from left or right.
  • Can the system be controlled via my vehicle profiles or via other buttons?
    Yes! It is possible to switch in between profiles with original car button while retaining their functions. EG; Driving profiles, Cruise control, ESP.
  • Can the system also be switched off?
    Yes. The system can also be switched on and off via the original car buttons and with our App.
  • Does the vehicle have to be coded after assembly?
    No, as maxhaust does not interefere or send any signals to your car. We only take readings from your car to make 1:1RPM possible and change of profiles/ volume via original button possible.
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